Huckins Farm
Contact: Matty Huckins
Address: 52 Magoon Road New Hampton, NH, 03256
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Phone: 603-630-8720
About Us
We are a modest family farm with a proud history! Started in 1798 by Capt. Peter Hanaford who sold his land to the Shakers and moved to New Hampton where life promised to be more quiet. Sheep herds dotted the open pastures in the mid to late 1800's. Then the enterprising George Huckins purchased the 200+ acres from the Hanaford family and began his own family. With 5 sons and one daughter, he had plenty of hands to tend the few Guernsey cows, the apple orchard, the pigs and the fowl. Butter was the family specialty, sold to markets in Boston. When son Melvin inherited the farm, he decided the time was right to focus on dairy cows, since the milk could be taken in milk cans to markets in the lakes region. Nowadays, the Guernsey/Jersey cows still graze on the south facing hillsides, returning to the barn at night to be milked. The evening milk is used for products like yogurt, fresh and aged cheeses, made in the farm kitchen each day. The morning milk is sold as fresh milk and cream to customers who come to the farm or to cooperatives, health food stores and seasonal farm stands. Huckins Farm is a place for neighbors and friends to gather and to find wholesome, tasty favorites like maple yogurt, fresh herb feta, creamy moist salt ricotta, chunky cheese curds, Gouda, Jack or Capt.Hanaford aged cheeses.
We practice good land stewardship, returning as much as possible to the land to sustain it and build up the soils. Our cows move through rotational grazing paddocks and eat non GMO grain in the parlor. The cows themselves are shown at local fairs and in 4H, so they receive a lot of TLC. They answer to their names and are known for their gentleness.
We believe it is our responsibility to offer to our community healthy local foods that will benefit their lives. No order is too large or too small, because our kitchen and delivery staff will make sure the order is filled and that the customer is satisfied.
We also endeavor to keep the landscape free of condominiums and developments, so that all may use the land. Hence, we are in the process of securing an easement for our 130 acres where the original 1700's barn and farmhouse still stand proudly.